Magazine Analysis: Air Force Magazine


The Air Force Magazine has a total circulation of 99,000, according to the Air Force Magazine media kit.  The two biggest groupings within this audience are active duty military and retired military; as opposed to spouses, cadets, guard & reserve, former military, and those with no prior experience.  As far as active duty military, they are composed of a dominant 72% white male audience.  The retired military audience has no concrete numbers, but according to the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, the most populated age group of retired military personnel is from 55-74.  Some of their ads seem to reinforce this type of demographic with vision insurance and credit card ads.

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Magazine Analysis: OZY

Magazine Analysis #2



OZY reports to have about 20 million monthly viewers visit the site.  The target audience seems to be very varied.  There are a lot of different segments that can appeal to many different demographics.  The overall aim, though, seems to be for a slightly older audience, starting at about the age of 24 and stopping at about 36.  There is a lot of political news on the site.  They have a segment called the “Presidential Daily Brief” which is a breakdown of all the news that would be most important for the president to know.  Along with a political crowd, they also strive to appeal to the avid current events fan.  Articles like “The Intersection of Tech and Church” supports this claim.  There are some aspects of the magazine that definitely try to speak to the younger audience.  They have streaming service advertisements like Hulu within the website.  This shows that OZY does expect a younger viewership to visit their magazine.  For the older audience, they boast ads such as JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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Magazine Analysis: Wired


The median audience for Wired sits at about 40 years old for both men and women (Pocket Piece 2016).  According to their media kit, the majority of their audience (41%) is made up of 18-34 year olds.  Also, over half of the readership has graduated college and 75% of their audience is employed.  This seems as though the readership is split down the middle in many aspects.  While nearly 40% of the audience is 18-34, there is another 49% that’s 35 or older.  In the same respect, with the 52% that have graduated college, there is also 48% that are either still in college or do not attend.  An advertisement that highlights the type of audience that frequents the magazine is the Bulova ad displaying a high end watch.  Seems to lean towards targeting the older population.

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With Film As Good As Conquered, Is TV Next For the Superhero Genre?

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After the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con concluded, many fans were left with much to take away.  The majority of it being from either Marvel or DC.  Two things were apparent after this event: Superheroes have a stranglehold on the film aspect of media; TV is next.

Complex Magazine wrote about the future that superheroes will have on the small screen and the imminent dominance to follow.

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Are Superhero TV Shows Lacking Respect?



Emmy nominations have been announced and as usual, fans discuss who they believe should win in their respective categories, as well as which actors, actresses, and media have been left without a nomination, or “snubbed”.  Many critics have various opinions of who or what they think was wrongfully excluded from receiving a nomination, but most if not all of them have one thing in common.  None of them mention anything to do with the realm of the superhero TV genre. initially recognized this trend and tried to rationalize why our favorite heroes were snubbed from even making the list of snubs.

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Superhero Movies Coming in 2017 That We Can’t Wait For

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With 2016 providing us with great superhero movies so far, and maybe the best still on the way, fans of the superhero movie genre always want more.  They tab release dates for sequels of the movie they just watched that are years away.  Now that 2017 is closer, certain release dates are being confirmed, mounting the anxiety of fans all across the globe. released this list of the most anticipated superhero movies of 2017.  Let’s look at some of the movies on this list.

Ranked at #6 is ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.  While this is the third try at a Spider-Man series, this is just the first attempt for Marvel Studios after gaining the rights from Sony.  We already got a glimpse at the new Spidey in ‘Captain America: Civil War’.  Tom Holland, who will play the web-slinger, captured the audience with an amazing performance.  He has fans excited for what he can do as a lead character in his own movie.

Ranked at #4 is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’.  ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ smashed expectations and is considered one of the best Marvel movies to date.  It was kid friendly, yet had enough action to capture the attention of the adults as well.  It had comedy, emotional moments, and amazing scenes all throughout to make it one of the more memorable movies in Marvel Studios’ repertoire.  This leads for just as high an expectation of the upcoming sequel, if not higher.  With the mystery of Star-Lord’s father being addressed making it the most anticipated moments to come in 2017.

Ranked as the most anticipated movie of 2017 is something I think many can agree on: ‘Justice League’.  There are many reasons why this movie is to die for.  It finally signals an indication that there will be a consistent DC Cinematic that could parallel that of Marvel’s.  Speaking of Marvel, this will also be the official rival team of superheros that Marvel has with the Avengers.  Many solo movies will be needed, which is why movies like ‘The Flash’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Cyborg’, and others are in the works. Seeing the Justice League finally fight will be worth the wait as the members of their team (Batman and Superman specifically) hold more of a following than many of the Avengers.

It is without a doubt that 2017 will provide another great year of superhero movies which is why many fans are already looking forward.  I can’t wait either!

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CW and Netflix Agree to Exclusive Deal for ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’

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The CW had one of two paths to choose.  During contract negotiations regarding the rights to episodes of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’, The CW had the choice of either leaving Netflix to exclusively work with Hulu or vice versa.  The CW chose to pair with Netflix after Hulu turned them off after wanting to make more than five episodes available at a time on their service. Cinema Blend details this news and delves into what this may mean.  Link here.

Obviously, for those who watch ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ live will not be affected by the switch, but those who use Hulu to catch these shows will be out of luck., The CW’s own free streaming service for their own shows, will be the alternate option for Hulu viewers without cable to catch all of the episodes.  Those with cable but are not able to catch an episode live will be able to use DVR or On-Demand.

As with all things posted on Netflix, the episodes will only be posted seasons at a time.  So for those with Netflix, watching episode by episode will not be an option.  The bright side is, the wait for the season to be on Netflix will be faster than usual.  It will only be an eight days wait after the season finale ends instead of what usually takes months. Those that enjoy this binge watching option will not miss out on anything and will experience a quicker turnaround in new seasons.

These two shows will also be joined by CW’s other DC Comics shows, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, and ‘Supergirl’.  The CW will have these shows follow suit after their respective contractual agreements with Hulu are fulfilled.

It is not believed that the switch from Hulu will be detrimental to The CW’s ratings but it will not be known until the next respective season of each show get underway.  If anything, the ratings may drop on the official scale but still hold the same amount of viewers after considering the amount of people who may look to bootleg sites to view the episodes they miss.

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