A Closer Look At Aspiring Drummer Brooke Royall

Brooke Royall showing off her tough drummer pose (Photo by: Jarvis Royall/ TU Student)

Brooke Royall has been drumming for two years now and is ready to take the next big step.  She talks about her beginnings and the other passions she enjoys as she pushes forward to grab hold of the future she wants.  Watch the slideshow here to learn more about Brooke


Towson Professor Reveals New “Design Thinking” Technique

Professor Pink talks with another professor while Peter Lucas grabs materials to build his solution (Photo by: Jarvis Royall/TU Student)

A different way of problem solving and idea development was presented to Towson University Wednesday.

Sidney Pink, who teaches Creativity and Idea Development at Towson, administered the speech.  He spoke to a crowd of about 10 people in Stephens Hall, Room 206.

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