Towson Students on Benefits, Dangers of Studying Abroad

Wall of different locations available to TU students in the Study Abroad office. (Photo by: Jarvis Royall/TU Student)

Studying abroad is one of the more extravagant experiences a college student could have, yet so few of them seize such an opportunity.  Today, there are reasons not to travel overseas with terrorists attacks happening.  Listen to this story on how Towson University feels about the dangers of studying abroad.


Sam Smoot Talks Pros and Cons of New “Cutting the Cord” Trend


Sam Smoot boots up his computer as he prepares for another day at the office for Comcast (Photo by: Jarvis Royall/TU Student)

There wasn’t much different about Sam’s evening at work on Monday.  People were calling to make payment arrangements for their bill, looking for technical support… and asking how to terminate their subscriptions.

Sam Smoot, 25, was taking phone calls that have been all too familiar as of late, while working at Comcast.  Out of every 10 calls he gets, about three to four of them are related to terminating their contracts with the cable provider.

“It’s been really shocking how many people are interested ending our services,” Smoot said.  “Not everybody follows through with the termination but many people are definitely interested.”

Comcast, along with all other cable TV providers, has found a new rival in internet streaming services.  Sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are among the more popular names that are pulling customers away from the likes of Comcast, Verizon, and DirecTV.  This practice is called “cutting the cord” as it is an attempt to also cut down on expenses.

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Ari Shapiro Visits Towson and Puts Unpaid Internships On the Spot


NPR Journalist Ari Shapiro answering questions from Towson students during a Q&A (Photo by: Jarvis Royall/TU Student)

Radio personality for National Public Radio visited Towson Wednesday and voiced his opinion that more internships should be paid.

In a studio with about 30 people in attendance, Ari Shapiro fielded questions from many students who had aspirations to be journalists just like him.  When asked about his career path, he spoke very highly of his internship experience and he urged that more organizations should offer paid intern positions.

“If you can get a paid internship right out of college instead of going to graduate school, I say do that,” Shapiro said.  “It is way more beneficial to actually get the experience in the field.”

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