Sam Smoot Talks Pros and Cons of New “Cutting the Cord” Trend


Sam Smoot boots up his computer as he prepares for another day at the office for Comcast (Photo by: Jarvis Royall/TU Student)

There wasn’t much different about Sam’s evening at work on Monday.  People were calling to make payment arrangements for their bill, looking for technical support… and asking how to terminate their subscriptions.

Sam Smoot, 25, was taking phone calls that have been all too familiar as of late, while working at Comcast.  Out of every 10 calls he gets, about three to four of them are related to terminating their contracts with the cable provider.

“It’s been really shocking how many people are interested ending our services,” Smoot said.  “Not everybody follows through with the termination but many people are definitely interested.”

Comcast, along with all other cable TV providers, has found a new rival in internet streaming services.  Sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are among the more popular names that are pulling customers away from the likes of Comcast, Verizon, and DirecTV.  This practice is called “cutting the cord” as it is an attempt to also cut down on expenses.

The streaming services allow customers to save money by paying a much smaller monthly fee.  This allows customers to combine multiple services to get the same amount of entertainment as cable but for a much cheaper price.

A Netflix and Hulu combination offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows and cost about $18.  Comcast offers a $29.99 plan that does not offer anywhere near the type of shows the streaming combination offers and the video on demand feature is non-existent, according to Boy Genius Report.

More and more television consumers are realizing they pay for more channels than they desire with cable providers and have moved toward paying only for what they watch.  Kyler Sims, 22, cut the cord and is reaping the benefits.

“I switched from Verizon and now I have SlingTV and Netflix,” said Sims.  “I am saving about $30 a month and only paying for channels that I want.”

Smoot concedes that Comcast’s cheapest package doesn’t offer many channels but reminds customers it is still packaged with fast internet service as well as landline capability for a house phone.

Sam hopes that while many people may try to cut the cord, they can still be part of the Comcast community.

“Maybe bundling streaming services together would be a better deal against our cheapest offering but you still need internet to attain these other sites and we are the best internet provider on the market”



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