What’s To Come in Season 3 of ‘The Flash’


Photo by 911Bug911 via Flickr Creative Commons

Season 2 of The Flash was even better that its debut season.  From his supporting cast to the major villains, the creative team behind the show gave comic book fans and casual watcher alike something to enjoy.  They intend to outdo themselves again for the next season after hinting at some major events in the season 2 finale and if theories are correct, we could be in for one of the better superhero TV shows in recent history.


In the season 2 finale, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) goes back in time (…again) to save his mother from being killed by one of his foes from the future, Reverse Flash.  This is almost a carbon copy of the actions that took place in the event that happened in the comic book era titled, Flashpoint.

In succeeding in saving his mother, Barry changing the entire timeline both before and after the moment in question.  This causes major changes in the DC Comic universe, causing some heroes to be villains and vice versa, on top of many more complications

Cinema Blend recently posted an article on how The Flash can take full advantage of this event.

As Flashpoint is predicated on alternate realities, Cinema Blend thought that they CW shows that have cast members who used to star as superheroes could once again return to that role.

Dean Cain, who plays Jeremiah Danvers on Supergirl as Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) adoptive father, played Superman on Lois & Clark.  Having him reprise that role would be a huge draw and fans would love to see him in action once more.

John Wesley Shipp who plays Henry Allen/Jay Garrick in The Flash, was the star if the 1990s version of the same show.  He has already returned to that role in short for this current series.  He was the first actor to play as The Flash so there was much nostalgia to see him don the scarlet he wore so well.

CW has many angles they can take with Flashpoint, it is hard to imagine they will not wow us all this fall when season 3 premieres.  It has already been announced that the first episode has been titled “Flashpoint” so I am sure they will hit the ground running.

Jarvis Royall


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