Superhero Movies Coming in 2017 That We Can’t Wait For

Photo by AntMan3001 via Flickr

With 2016 providing us with great superhero movies so far, and maybe the best still on the way, fans of the superhero movie genre always want more.  They tab release dates for sequels of the movie they just watched that are years away.  Now that 2017 is closer, certain release dates are being confirmed, mounting the anxiety of fans all across the globe. released this list of the most anticipated superhero movies of 2017.  Let’s look at some of the movies on this list.

Ranked at #6 is ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.  While this is the third try at a Spider-Man series, this is just the first attempt for Marvel Studios after gaining the rights from Sony.  We already got a glimpse at the new Spidey in ‘Captain America: Civil War’.  Tom Holland, who will play the web-slinger, captured the audience with an amazing performance.  He has fans excited for what he can do as a lead character in his own movie.

Ranked at #4 is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’.  ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ smashed expectations and is considered one of the best Marvel movies to date.  It was kid friendly, yet had enough action to capture the attention of the adults as well.  It had comedy, emotional moments, and amazing scenes all throughout to make it one of the more memorable movies in Marvel Studios’ repertoire.  This leads for just as high an expectation of the upcoming sequel, if not higher.  With the mystery of Star-Lord’s father being addressed making it the most anticipated moments to come in 2017.

Ranked as the most anticipated movie of 2017 is something I think many can agree on: ‘Justice League’.  There are many reasons why this movie is to die for.  It finally signals an indication that there will be a consistent DC Cinematic that could parallel that of Marvel’s.  Speaking of Marvel, this will also be the official rival team of superheros that Marvel has with the Avengers.  Many solo movies will be needed, which is why movies like ‘The Flash’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Cyborg’, and others are in the works. Seeing the Justice League finally fight will be worth the wait as the members of their team (Batman and Superman specifically) hold more of a following than many of the Avengers.

It is without a doubt that 2017 will provide another great year of superhero movies which is why many fans are already looking forward.  I can’t wait either!

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