Are Superhero TV Shows Lacking Respect?



Emmy nominations have been announced and as usual, fans discuss who they believe should win in their respective categories, as well as which actors, actresses, and media have been left without a nomination, or “snubbed”.  Many critics have various opinions of who or what they think was wrongfully excluded from receiving a nomination, but most if not all of them have one thing in common.  None of them mention anything to do with the realm of the superhero TV genre. initially recognized this trend and tried to rationalize why our favorite heroes were snubbed from even making the list of snubs.

Inverse specifically mentions ‘The Flash’ as the lead example of underappreciated TV shows within the genre, calling it one of the “finest action shows on TV.”

The lack of respect for all things in the superhero genre has been apparent for sometime now.  Even the really good superhero movies like The Dark Knight get snide comments from critics like being good because it “wasn’t like any other superhero movie.  Jessica Jones was raved about but was not seen by some as an actual superhero.  Guardians of the Galaxy is considered the best movie produced by Marvel Studios yet was thought of as good only through “dumb luck.”

It would be hard to tag any caveats to ‘The Flash’ as it was loved by critics and pegged as the show that single-handedly paved the way for a DC Comics Television Universe which produced Legends of Tomorrow, brought Supergirl to The CW Network and set up numerous successful crossovers with Arrow.

With that being said, ‘The Flash’ still did not receive any nominations for the Emmys.  Whether it was for not living up to the hype of the other nominees or being wrongfully judged because of its genre, it seem that critics will need more time to put shows like ‘The Flash’ on the same plane as Emmy winning shows such as Breaking Bad and others.

Here’s to hoping one day our favorite superheroes can fly across that stage and grab an Emmy that we all know they deserve.

Jarvis Royall


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