Magazine Analysis: Wired


The median audience for Wired sits at about 40 years old for both men and women (Pocket Piece 2016).  According to their media kit, the majority of their audience (41%) is made up of 18-34 year olds.  Also, over half of the readership has graduated college and 75% of their audience is employed.  This seems as though the readership is split down the middle in many aspects.  While nearly 40% of the audience is 18-34, there is another 49% that’s 35 or older.  In the same respect, with the 52% that have graduated college, there is also 48% that are either still in college or do not attend.  An advertisement that highlights the type of audience that frequents the magazine is the Bulova ad displaying a high end watch.  Seems to lean towards targeting the older population.

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