Magazine Analysis: OZY

Magazine Analysis #2



OZY reports to have about 20 million monthly viewers visit the site.  The target audience seems to be very varied.  There are a lot of different segments that can appeal to many different demographics.  The overall aim, though, seems to be for a slightly older audience, starting at about the age of 24 and stopping at about 36.  There is a lot of political news on the site.  They have a segment called the “Presidential Daily Brief” which is a breakdown of all the news that would be most important for the president to know.  Along with a political crowd, they also strive to appeal to the avid current events fan.  Articles like “The Intersection of Tech and Church” supports this claim.  There are some aspects of the magazine that definitely try to speak to the younger audience.  They have streaming service advertisements like Hulu within the website.  This shows that OZY does expect a younger viewership to visit their magazine.  For the older audience, they boast ads such as JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Editorial Philosophy

The magazine’s mission statement says they are focused not only on where the world is, but where it is heading.  I feel with the content they provide, OZY fulfills their mission statement successfully.  They have a lot of articles that look at the status of today’s society as well as what is to come.  They do this through different lenses as well.  They examine how the world is and how it is changing in the realm of technology, religion, sports, politics, etc.  It’s different from other magazines because they put value in originality.  They try to address the same topics that other outlets will undoubtedly explore but with a fresh angle on it that nobody else could think of.  Articles like the next breakout pong player is a good example.  There are many sports sites, but how many cover breakout ping-pong stars?  How many cover ping-pong at all?

Editorial Formula

OZY capitalizes on the hot topics of current events.  What’s consistent is the political aspect, as there is always the latest political news in the aforementioned Presidential Daily Brief.  They also have a logic to their content with segmented categories that blanket various topics.  Their “true story” section highlights community submitted essays that tell a captivating store, one most recently of someone who murdered their mother when they were 14.  The “acumen” section is full with reports on facts and numbers related to concerning issues such as sexual violence, leadership qualities according to 5,000 CEOs, and healthcare statistics.  They also link to some of the more recently released TED talks.  Along with those videos, are videos they produce on their own.  They provide short documentaries on topics that fall into any of their various news segments to give another aesthetic for its audience.


OZY is currently an independent outlet, founded by Carlos Watson, former MSNBC anchor.  This is the sole capital under OZY Media and other than the social media for supplementary distribution, they partake in no other media outlets.  OZY has around 60 staffers total with about 40 of them as part of the day-to-day operations.


The website is very pleasing to the eye.  The colors that are on display and the dynamic links for the article make the site feel very warm and at home.  It fits with the mission statements commitment to be original and fresh.  When you roll your mouse over an article, it will enlarge to better display the teaser info and the attached picture.  When you roll over another article, the previous article will shrink and the current article will expand, making the entire page rather lively.


The magazine has some pervasive social media options.  There is a bar at the bottom of every article with options to share to various sites.  There is also a button on the home ribbon to allow you to sign up for a newsletter for the site.  The videos also gives it a leg up on the competition as most sites just borrow a YouTube video or a video from another new site.  All of their videos are homemade.


The navigation is very easy.  On every page, there is always a way to return home, or to the main page of any of the subsections of the site.  The logic is that the sections are color coded and will always be able to be found in the same place.


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